Sumo? Gardenia

This is probably thickest gardenia of ours.

I haven't got a clue If I used "sumo" in a right way. Westeren bonsai enthusiasts call fat trees like this as "sumo" is this correct? My gosh, Japanese is asking how to use Japanese lol!



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Yes you are using it correctly. The thick trunks remind us of the mass and sheer power of a sumotori. However I often find them lacking in grace and spirit a necessity for sumotori. (My favorite sumotori was Terao, a long time ago.)
I hope this comes across as something more than gobbeldigook.

Re: No title

Thank you very much for your clarification. I really appreciate:-) Terao became Shikoroyama oyakata and he was my sister's favourite sumotori. My favorite one was Akinoshima who was well known as Yokozuna killer.
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