It's show time! (part 1)

Yes, Bonsai show season has come. This is my first visit in this autumn and the show was held by my bonsai friends club.

Collected momji(Acer palmatum)

We had collected a year old Japanese maple from a park in early September.


I would plan to make some mini.

The tragic legend of Japanese egret flower

This is a tragic legend of Japanese egret flower (Habenaria radiata) in Japanese warring states period.
It is very depressing so please be careful before you read.

My egret flower "Ginga"(means galaxy)

Yoriyasu Kira was a lord of Setagaya, who had dominated Setagaya to Fusuma village and Himonya-go area. He had Tokiwa princess who is a daughter of the Lord of Okusawa castle as a concubine. Soon she had pregnant, so Yoriyasu had been more affectionate to her. It was the custom of the lords to avoid exterminating a lineage, Yoriyasu had got twelve concubines excluding Tokiwa.
The other concubines were envy her who monopolized Yoriyasu, they even planed to prevent him from loving Tokiwa saying her bad rumor " It is suspicious that Tokiwa's child is really yours " to him as if it was true. Yoriyasu denied Tokiwa's bad rumor though it had been arousing dark suspicious misit in his heart without his consciousness. Naturally he became cold against her.
No one protected her, she was deeply depressed and getting obsessed with an idea to die for exonerate.
After She wrote a sucide note to her father at Okusawa castle, she tied it to a leg of a white egret which had been her pet since her childhood and took with her at her marriage, released it toward a direction of Okusawa.
Her egret flied away straight to Okusawa castle as if it understood extraordinary situation of the owner. At the same time, Yoriyasu was hunting at Fusuma village, he caught an eye on this white egret and shot an arrow to it. He had found something being tied on the egret's leg.
As he doubted and opened it, that was a sucide note of the princess to her father. Surprised Yoriyasu, rushed to his castle but he couldn't have been in time. Tokiwa had already committed suicide. There was a stillborn baby boy aside her. Cleared of suspicion, but Tokiwa and his baby never cameback.
Yoriyasu regretted very much, he enshrined Wakamiya and Benzaiten as their memory at Komadome-hachiman-gu within his domains.

On the other hand, the dead white egret had uncompleted the mission, probably it was so mortified that transformed to a flower of a flying egret at the area it had got shot.

Egret flowers were used to be seen here and there at paddy fields in Setagaya-ku till the end of Taisho era as the flowers grow in wetland. They might have been growing in colonies at Fusumamura-no-ya-sagisou(around the current area of Jiyugaoka2 or 3 ) and Okusawa-sintamura-no-sagi-no-tani where a white egret had been shot or fell down to use up it's strength.
Now egret flower is a symbol of Setagaya-ku, there is an egret flower nursery at a part of Kuhonbutu-jyousinji temple(九品仏浄真寺:adress is Okusawa 7-41-3, Setagaya-ku) which was built on a ruin of Okusawa castle.

reference to here

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