Rain Rain Rain

Weather is still no good but good for Bonsai.


I was wondering about why these Japanese wax trees have got the colour change already.
I know that there is Natsu- Haze(Vaccinium oldhamii),and it gets red in summer.
But this is Japanese wax tree,so why?
Thankfully Ive got my personal Bonsai Ph.D,Asked it to my husband.

Me:"Why they have changed? Its still early summer."
My husband:"Lack of fertilization. It sometimes occur."
Me:"What happen when it comes autumn?"
My husband:"Some of the leaves may wither but they can keep their red colour. "

Hmm,is that true? Let's see what happen to them in autumn.

My first air layering


mother shishigashira. My husband's bonyu said they looks already done.
but their size is too big for us so I decided to try my first air layering.


Marked line.I wrote a top line first,but my husband suggested its a bit tricky, lower is better.


Trimmed bark off the trunk.At this point, youd better trim properly othewise root won't emerge.


slmy oxy


This time I took Oxybelon for accelerate root growth.
You can get Oxybelon here


wrapped the trunk with a tissue.This is not necessary.


Bad example. Sphagnum moss popped out. try again.


done! Hope it works well.I heard that shishigashira acer is a little difficult for air layering,but others say they are easy.Well we shall see soon.

Ayame blooming

Got rainy season but today was nice weather.


This ayame is remind me of a Japanese lady wearing yukata.


After the sohin bonsai Kumamotos auction, we were invited to Mr. OYD who we met first time at Mifune exhibition last month.
Mr.OYD belongs to the shohin bonsai kumamoto,he does only mame under 10cm.
I was very impressed by his display,wished I could have had a look his bonsai shelves, however my dream had come true so soon.Lucky me!






It was just like a secret bonsai garden.
Mr.OYD confessed us that he prefered miscellenaeouses to coniferaleses and to my surprise his bonsai shelves were occupied by many kusamono for soe.
While I was talking to Mrs.OYD my husband were deep in conversation with Mr. OYD. He got some good influence.
I look forward to seeing Mr.OYD again in near the future.

Auction at Mifune

Last sunday my husband & I were off to Mifune, Kumamoto in Kyusyu. There are two famous shohin nursery "gasho-en" and "mifune-en",this time we attended the annual shohin auction which held by shohin bonsai Kumamoto.


This is our first attempt to join their auction, witch was absolut exciting & fantastic.
My husband took some stuff (shohin pots and some maeterial)for bidding.Luckily almost everything was sold.


35 is not his age,but at his heart.

On the other hand, we got nice material and Mikazuki(means crescent)-taku.


This Mikazuki is my favourite,so Im very happy to get it.Hope I can use it for the 2nd WEB exhibition.


This tamari-stone atracted my husband, he said to me with grinning"Looks like Kurama,doesnt it? "


The shishigashira got a few scar,but even so still gorgeous.

Auction took time from 9:30 to 3:30,but once in a year is not enough for us.
We definitely look out on the auction next year.

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