Northern yamadori shinpaku is over

This is very sad news. We revisited yamadori shinpaku specialist last month, he told us about the title. They are literally exterminated in the north of Japan. It was the first time I saw that few materials there at the specialist's workshop. I asked him what he would do next after yamadori shinpakus stock out, he replied that he had explored imported yamadori shinpaku dealer already but "they are utterly no use". He continued you could still find yamadori material in Japan, but they didn't have the potential to be descent bonsai. About imported material, the yamadorist don't have "bonsai eye" so they are all boring.

Good news is the bellow pictures. The specialist's dead yamadori shinpaku.





Shinpaku yamadori dealer

There is a large number of bonsai masters exist who don't come out on main stage.
Thankfully my husband has known some these people and we've met one of them last Saturday. He only deals yamadori shinpaku and his material is popular among proffesionals...a Japanese bonsai superstar is also his client. I really like listening to him its very much interesting. For example, the dealer goes up to the north of Japan for buying yamadori material. According to him, the worst thing to yamadori is meeting a wild bear with her child. He claimed,"It takes hours to walk deep into a mountain but once you find a bear with her child you cannot have anything at all ". He also said "You'll never find superior material on the flat ground. It only exisits exceedingly steep and rocky cliffs". Therefore Yamadori shinpaku is very expensive in Japan and most shinpaku bonsai is made in a field(Hatake-zukuri). The dealer was kind and generous to teach us some secrets about creating shinpaku bonsai, but he said that he was very strict against arrogant guests. Once he asserted a rude client who didn't know the worth of yamadori shinpaku, "Go home, sell nothing." I was relieved he didn't say so to us. I still can not figure out the precise difference between yamadori and field made despite my husband taught me. All I know is that yamadori shinpaku is miles valuable than field made. However, once you see the exquisite yamadori material, I am very sure you'll absolutely get attracted by the enchanting red bark and the beauty of natural jin&syari.
Sadly, these superb material is running out in husband told me," there were so many wonderful yamadori at the dealer's they are only one third. "
I was about to ask taking some raw yamadori maetrial's pictures but the dealer created the atmosphere that he declined. Instead, he allowed me to take a pic of an enormous dead yamadori shinpaku witch was in front of his house. He suggested I'd better take it next time so he would be able to clean up the dead yamadori by then.
To this blog's followers, please wait for the next post. I will be back with the shinpaku's picture.

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